BRCC Foundation hosted “Beijing Inner Voice Art Troupe Co. Ltd”. Founded in 1992 by Jianzhi Mu. It is the first art troupe for people with different types of disabilities. Currently, the cast and crew totals more than 100 people, 80% of whom are disabled with a versatile range of artistic skills. Troupe members are able to show their confidence, self-reliance, self-love, self-worth and spirit through their performance. The troupe’s primary mission is expression through music and art by using nonverbal communication for the rest of society to better understand them.

The performance at Baton Rouge Community College was established by a recent partnership between the Louisiana China Business Alliance CEO, Mr. Xiao-Lu Li. Mr. Li is a well know educator, businessman, and an accomplished symphony conductor with a passion for establishing meaningful relationships for the improvement of our communities and the people in Louisiana.

Special guests included the Consulate General, Li Qiangmin, Louisiana Secretary of Wildlife and Fisheries, Jack Montoucet, Mr. Xiao-Lu Li, Mrs and Mrs. John Hu, and Golden Deeds Award recepient, Marvin Borgmeyer and his wife Susan Borgmeyer.

BRCC Foundation Chancellor's Evening Fundraiser

Meet Rachelle Sanders

Rachelle Sanders, Nursing graduate moved to Baton Rouge after Hurricane Katrina and enrolled at BRCC as result of her relocation. Rachelle's story is a true example of the impact of giving and what it means to our community.


Voices from the Bayou

A student motivated anthology called “Voices from the Bayou” has been produced and edited by Professor Clarence Nero and published through the Baton Rouge Community College Foundation for the purpose of allowing students a voice regarding their views relating to the shootings and historic flood in Baton Rouge over the past year.

Proceeds from the publication will benefit English Department students and faculty.

BRCC Foundation receives $25K to support STEM scholarships

Sunday, June 5th 2016, 10:57 am CSTSunday, June 5th 2016, 10:57 am CSTBy WAFB Staff

(Source: Baton Rouge Community College)


The Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) Foundation was given thousands of dollars to go toward one of the school's need-based scholarship program. 

Capital One Bank donated $25,000 for scholarships that will be used in BRCC's STEM division. 

The money will be used for the Capital One Need Based STEM Scholarship, which will be given to students needing financial aid to help pay for things like text books as well as tuition if needed. The students receiving the scholarships have to remain in good standing at BRCC.  

"We are tremendously grateful to Capital One Bank for their willingness to fund an initiative that will make a college education a reality for those who are in need of financial assistance, and then to make the time students spend here at BRCC as rewarding as possible," said Philip Smith, executive director of the BRCC Foundation.   

"We are proud of Capital One's contribution to BRCC's STEM program. Capital One Bank is a longtime supporter of BRCC, and we applaud the college for developing programs that help local deserving students develop skills that will help them succeed in the digital economy," said Tammy Boyd, a Capital One branch manager.  

Click here for more information about funding availability and qualifying criteria or to apply for the Capital One Need Based STEM Scholarship.

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